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Shaping the future together

Responsible treatment of the environment, animals and people does not contradict success-oriented entrepreneurship - this is our claim.

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC solely utilizes renewable raw materials that have been cultivated and extracted in an environmentally friendly way. Production, processing and distribution are subject to strict requirements, aiming to use resources efficiently and reduce emissions and other environmental impacts to a minimum. Sustainably managed farmland makes a valuable contribution to the absorption of greenhouse gases.

We encourage and promote cooperative cooperation between people committed to a common goal: Investors, project operators, employees and local social communities. With our ideas and strategies we want to inspire and convince. Projects supported by us offer local people much more than just jobs - they offer a solid perspective for the future, which naturally also benefits the communities around them. This creates positive synergy effects such as trust and reliability.

We are especially committed to our investors. Every day we work with passion to fulfil our mission: To develop safe, profitable, transparent, sustainable and ethically impeccable investment properties and to accompany them during the planning and realization phase in the interest of our investors. Investors enjoy the advantage of being up to date on the status of their investments at all times.

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Our committment to our partners


In addition to attractive interest rates, our projects also offer stable returns through consistently sustainable economic cycles. ENP thoroughly evaluates every project with regard to economic perspectives and risks. We deliberately focus on stable, long-term opportunities for success.


Our projects are based on the use of renewable plant-based raw materials. These require a clean environment (earth, air, water) in order to develop and to release their full potential. Careful handling of our environment is a logical condition for long-term success.


Successfully implementing a new idea is easier when like-minded people come together to join forces and work together. Through trusting cooperation with all project partners and fair participation in success, we create trust, reliability and generate lasting win-win situations.


We take responsibility in many ways: Responsibility for our investors. Responsibility for our project partners. Responsibility for the environment and local people. Responsibility for future generations through sustainable, environmentally friendly operations.

Stronger in a team

As of 2018, the total population of the EU is over 512 million people. What if only one in ten thousand citizens participated in ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC with USD 5,000? 51.200 investors and a capital of 256 million USD could mobilize a great deal, e.g. produce renewable energy, recycle recyclable materials, reforest degraded mine landscapes and much more. Join us and become part of a movement that brings together sustainability, people and the environment in a profitable way.