Key data related to the project


  • Total investment volume: USD 1.2 million
  • Annual processing capacity of bamboo: 7,000 t
  • Annual production capacity of charcoal: 2,500 t
  • Jobs: 50-55 (farm, production, logistics, administration)

Key figures for investors

  • Commencement of investment return: 2nd year after start of project
  • Completion of investment return: 7th year after start of project
  • Return: 7%, starting from year 2
  • Start of subscription phase: 15.01. 2019
  • Minimum subscription amount: USD 5.000,00

Project partner

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC cooperates with external partners and experts in the development and evaluation of the Cebu project.

Asiando Logo Asiando Ltd.

Asiando Ltd. consults on all aspects around bamboo and is contracted as project managing entity.

DENR Logo Department of Environment and Natural Resources

The Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) is the institutional partner for all forestry and environmental aspects. The authority manages large areas of land with bamboo culms.

EMI Logo Eco Media International Ltd.

The Media Agency Eco Media International Ltd. advises and supports all communicative and media aspects of the project.

Other partners

At present, intensive efforts are being made to win local mining companies and other partners for the project. Barren lands that were previously exploited as opencast mines can be recultivated with bamboo. This model would actively contribute to the long-term recovery of these land areas. In this way, additional sources of bamboo supply could be established for the project, without cost-intensive land acquisition.