Shovel in soil

Why we build on renewable resources

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC exclusively utilizes renewable plant raw materials such as bamboo and rattan in its projects. Moreover, the recycling of waste biomass such as rice husks, coconut shells or biowaste is of interest.

In addition to their virtually infinite availability, renewable raw materials from local sources offer numerous further advantages:

  • During the growth process, greenhouse gases from the atmosphere are absorbed, thus making a valuable contribution to climate neutrality
  • Independence of price and availability fluctuations on commodity markets
  • Practically all plant constituents can be used and utilized in various ways
  • Possibility of establishing value chains within afforestation and recultivation projects
  • The economic use of fallow land and uncultivated land counteracts erosion and stabilizes the groundwater level
  • Ecological agriculture and forestry provides habitat for numerous further organisms
  • Higher acceptance of the end products by consumers
  • Rural development becomes a locational advantage and counteracts rural migration
  • Agriculture and forestry offers long-term prospects, even if educational level is limited
  • Modern technologies allow high efficiency of management (e.g. intelligent water use, data collection and processing)