Portrait CEO

Message of the CEO

Siegfried Schmitt, founder & CEO, about sustainability, responsibility
and his personal motivation

Dear reader,

In our modern world, we frequently encounter terms such as environmental protection, sustainability and social commitment. As easy as it may be to gain idealistic support for such concerns, it often proves difficult to actually give them meaning in our everyday lives.

After more than 30 successful years in the real estate industry, during spring of 2018, I decided to give these terms a central place in my life, true to my personal motto:

Don´t just talk – Do it.

Ultimately, we are judged by our actions. I became a grandfather last year and decided to avoid being questioned by my grandson on the matter why we didn´t do more to fight climate change and environmental degradation.

I have always been enthusiastic about Asian culture, dynamism, and a unique way of life that does not seem to perish even in economically difficult situations. During private travels I had numerous opportunities to gain insights into the challenging everyday life of many such people.

These encounters led me to become personally active and help people in difficult life situations. This led to my involvement with Helpandos e.V., a non-profit association that assists people in capacity building in form of environmental and social projects. They also introduced me to bamboo, a renewable and ecologically valuable raw material, from which a wide variety of products can be made.

As an entrepreneur, at some point a central question arose for me: Why aren't the numerous advantages of renewable raw materials utilized much more intensively? Especially in cases where their use not only makes a contribution to environmental protection, but is also commercially viable. After all, many success stories effectively prove that economically successful action and responsibility for our environment do not have to be contradictions.

The answer to this question is quite simple: Apart from know-how, a lack of capital is often preventing to get the ball rolling for larger projects. The incorporation of ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC in the spring of 2018 was the logical consequence in order to generate new opportunities from this dilemma. The purpose of the company is to finance sustainable economic projects in developing countries that combine economic success with environmental and social responsibility in a meaningful and systematic way. The decision to become a stock corporation is not only based on the belief that sustainable economic projects also represent highly interesting investment objects - both for private and institutional investors. Ultimately, we can accomplish more when we act as a group rather than on our own.

In a group like this, everyone wins. The environment benefits from the use of renewable raw materials and from synergy effects such as reforestation, erosion prevention and CO2 sequestration. Local farmers benefit from stable, fairly compensated job opportunities and further training in sustainable agriculture.

And you, dear readers, can be a double winner: In addition to attractive dividends and interest rates, you have the good conscience to make a difference.

What are you waiting for?

Respectfully yours,

Siegfried Schmitt