Species Bambusa balcooa

Bambusa balcooa is a tropical species native to northern India and Bangladesh. The species has already been successfully introduced to other countries, including the Philippines. It is a sympodial growing species, i.e. new culms always grow within a narrow radius of the main culm. A several year old bamboo of this species can develop well over 20 culms at the same time, each of which can reach a height of up to 15 metres and a diameter of 10-12 cm.

Within 4-5 years a culm is sufficiently woody and ready for harvest. The cavity inside the culms, which is characteristic of bamboo, is reduced in size in contrast to most other species. Only few species have this economically interesting growth profile.

For an energy project such as charcoal production, Bambusa balcooa also impresses with its high energy content of over 4,700 kcal / kg (5.23 kWh) and an ash content of less than 2 percent (air-dried, after harvest). A detailed chemical analysis is available in our project document database.

harvested B. balcooa