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About us

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC enables investments in sustainable companies, solely processing natural, renewable raw materials such as bamboo, forestry resources and biomass. We address private as well as institutional investors that are looking to add more than just numeric values to their portfolio.

Our long-term project participations capitalize economic projects in emerging regions around the globe - preferably where impulses into economy and social structures are particularly necessary and able to release new dynamics.

Ecologically valuable, renewable raw materials form the basis of our value-chains. We leave nothing to chance: ENP carefully assesses and evaluates every potential project in cooperation with external experts prior to commencement. Effective controlling methods allow constant verification of targets during all phases of a project. This is the basis for sustainable, economic success in harmony with people and environment.


Exploring new ways together

ECO-NATURE-PRODUCTS PLC was incorporated in 2018 with the aim of combining ecologically and socially responsible actions with economic success. Doing so, we consciously pursue a collaborative approach; after all, we are stronger within a group and can achieve more together. Projects supported by us have the benefit of all participants in common:


Investors benefit from our attractive and comprehensible investment models in several ways: In addition to attractive interest rates, our projects also offer long-term stable dividends through consistently sustainable economic cycles.

Nature & Environment

Sustainable management deliberately relies on the use of renewable raw materials that have been obtained in an environmentally friendly manner. An important cycle, as a healthy environment is in turn the basis for a permanent and predictable supply of raw materials.

Local communities

Our projects offer local communities fair and future-proof employment opportunities, regardless of educational level or gender. In addition, we offer opportunities for adult education in key areas (e.g. nature & environment).